Seriously handmade. from Theresa Missiaen on Vimeo.

T & the sea

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Welcome to T and the Sea:

Inspired by my life in water, frozen in the form of snow or free and liquid in the surf.This is the blog for handmade and heartfelt goods. Hand-sewn with vintage/recycled fabrics. Specialising in Surfboard covers, handbags, and ruck-sacks!

Payment via Paypal invoicing, accepting VISA, MASTERCARD and Paypal.

Surfboard Covers: Price: 6'5 and under 85-120$ 6'5 and up 120-169$
Bags: Handbag 55-79$, Ruck-sack 85-129$, Duffle 159$ Little things bags, 20-50$ Cushion covers: 45-69$ Framed sewing art $69 (all prices not including shipping)

Overseas worldwide shipping available: Example price to NZ= $19.90-$28.90 (1-1.5kg) CDN=$28.90-$41.40 (1-1.5kg)
Within Aus= $10-$20

As orders are custom made Please allow up to two weeks to manufacture.

For surfboard covers please send dimensions (LxWxT) to my contact info, or hit me up for requests/ more information.


All goods handmade in paradise. Thanks for the support.